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Saturday 18th 21.00 – 21.45 & Sunday 19th August, 18.00 – 18.45
Tête à Tête

Music: Samuel Bordoli
Words: Samuel Bordoli after Franz Kafka

Conductor: Tony Castro
Director: Bill Bankes-Jones
Designer: Ellan Parry

Karl Rossman: Rupert Charlesworth
Bureaucrat 1/The Stoker/Mr Green: Keel Watson
Bureaucrat 2/Chief Engineer/Mr Pollunder: Owen Gilhooly
Bureaucrat 3/Uncle Jacob/Clara: Katherine Bond

Orrchestra: CHROMA
Trumpet – Heidi Bennett
Alto Saxophone – Tom Law
Clarinet – Massimo di Trolio
Violin – Caroline Balding
Piano – Rob Bottriell
Trombone – Neill Hadden
Double Bass – Elena Hull
Drum Kit – Steve Gibson

This whimsical adaptation of Kafka’s Amerika follows naïve young German Karl Rossman, exiled to New York after he accidentally impregnated a servant. Thrown from one crazy situation to another he chases the American Dream in a strange country where loyalty and justice are never quite what they seem…