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A Fetus in America

Saturday 6th 19.00 & Sunday 7th August, 16.00
Styles & Cant with Ensemble Amorpha

Music: Luke Styles
Words/director: Peter Cant
Designer: Anna Bruder
Ziggy, Mezzo Sporano: Jessica Walker
Musicians: Ensemble Amorpha

In the afterlife aborted fetuses gather for a laugh and a shot of embryotic fluid at the ‘Petri Dish’, legendary cabaret bar for the unborn.

Gender bending abortee, Ziggy, is topping the bill, proving once and for all that fetuses feel, dream, walk, talk… and boy, can they sing!

Equal parts drag show, musical satire and monster B-movie, this new operatic work-in-progress gives full hysterical voice to America’s culture wars.

Luke and Peter met on the Jerwood Opera Writing Programme. It was within this hot bed of opera experimentation that the pair first encountered the soprano Jessica Walker, writing a two minute opera for her in an afternoon. Luke and Peter quickly arrived at the idea of working on Fetus together, amused and provoked by the idea of mashing together different genres to tell the story of a singing abortee’s rise to international notoriety. Spurred on by the wonderful Tête à Tête, they launched in to creating the first scene for the festival, a self-contained episode in which an aborted fetus sings about the life it could have had.