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Shorts: 1999

Tête à Tête is a company committed to exploring the future of opera. We produce new works and find new ways of producing old works year-round. We also host dozens of other companies at our annual summer Festival. Thus Tête à Tête brings artists and audience together to explore the future of opera.

Tête à Tête itself has produced over 70 stage works by more than 50 different composers, for audiences throughout the UK and abroad.

In addition, for the last seven years the company has created a platform for the work of over a hundred other companies and many hundreds of artists in Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival.

From Shorts (1999) to Circus Tricks (2009), Tête à Tête’s trademark has been lightness of touch: a genial, playful, paper-moon style where comedy is deftly spiked with tragedy and tragedy comes laced with laughter.
Anna Picard, Independent on Sunday, Aug 2009



Artistic Director
Bill Bankes-Jones

Administrative Director
Anna Gregg

Music Director
Timothy Burke

Associate Designer
Tim Meacock

Associate Lighting Designer
Mark Doubleday

Sarah Playfair

Associate Ensemble

Olivia Brown
WildKatPR +44 (0)20 3422 3344

Andrew Macnair


David Leeming

Company Secretary
Caroline Steane

Katie Price
Kenneth Richardson
Nicola Stanhope
Nick Sutcliffe