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Family Matters (2003/4)

Music: Helen Chadwick, Pete Flood, Cheryl Francis-Hoad, Mike Henry, James Olsen, John Webb
Words: Amanda Holden

Meet the Fitzroys: Mum, Dad and the two kids – a family with secrets that are about to explode…

Mrs F is thinking about past romance and the father of her children, Mr F’s furious, Leo’s in love, Flora’s piecing together her parentage and Figaro’s keeping it all together. An old family friend turns up with an eye to the main chance and the answers to some questions no-one dares ask.

Director: Bill Bankes-Jones
Conductor: Stuart Stratford/Toby Purser
Design: Tim Meacock
Lighting: Mark Doubleday

Singers: Darren Abrahams, Robert Burt, Sarah Jillian Cox, Omar Ebrahim, Adey Grummet, Aris Nadirian

Instrumentalists: Julian Warburton, John Paul Gandy/Antony Gray, Zoe Martlew, Matt Hunt/Peter Furniss

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