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Press 2013

General reviews

Musical Pointers: “We have enjoyed over some seven years reviewing this, the only annual festival of experimental contemporary opera in the world. It is a flexible project based at Riverside and overseen by Bill Bankes-Jones from its brave inception, with high professionalism but minimal funding.”

London TheatReviews 2013 – Blanche Marvin

Show reviews

and the Crowd (wept): Digital Spy; The Guardian; One Stop Arts; Opera Britannia; The Stage; The Telegraph

The Answer to Everything: One Stop Arts

La Belle de la Bête: Musical Pointers; One Stop Arts; The Telegraph; UK Edition BARBADOS Nation

Black Sand: Fringe Opera; One Stop Arts

The Crocodile: Evening Standard

Dart’s Love: One Stop Arts

The End of Civilisation As We Know It: The Stage

Fossils and Monsters: One Stop Arts

Gala: Musical Pointers; One Stop Arts; The Stage; The Telegraph

Guilt: One Stop Arts

The Hidden Valley: One Stop Arts

Mme Butterfly: Fringe Opera

MICROmegas: One Stop Arts

One or the Other: One Stop Arts

The Secretary Turned CEO: One Stop Arts

Soon: Musical Pointers; One Stop Arts; The Telegraph

Vivienne: One Stop Arts