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2014 Festival Press


Festival overview

The Telegraph: Tête à Tête Festival: “…an invigorating sense of ideas being sparked and connections made”

TrendFEM: bringing together the freshest opera talent from the UK and abroad

Top Pick: The Times preview: delighting Kings Cross with its 8th annual display of the newest operatic talent and shows

Planet Hugill


Independent preview

April in the Amazon

TrendFEM: Lixenberg has a showstopper voice

Planet Hugill: once again Lixenberg could do no wrong



Planet Hugill: striking dramatic take on the familiar tale

The Catfish Conumdrum

Planet Hugill: some remarkably fascinating and complex textures from his quite minimal forces

Fringe Opera: sublime moment when the catfish sings a prayer


Joanne Harris: Pieces of me on Sinfini

East O’ The Sun, West O’ The Moon

Bachtrack: Forget the frogs – polar bears make the best princes!

TrendFEM: music…that may lift you off your seat.

Planet Hugill: each performance was superb


The Fisherman’s Brides

TrendFEM: combines contemporary, classical, Scottish highland, recorded sounds and music all together

Bachtrack: the arrival of a young composer with exciting talent

Planet Hugill: Her use of Scottish musical motifs lifted the music and brought the village to life


Bachtrack: a treat from start to end




Fringe Opera: Psyche feels like the trial run of a brilliant concept


Planet Hugill: the writing was so highly characterised and linked to the wonderful action that you felt the show would work well for anyone not familiar with opera

Fringe Opera: a dazzling opera-cum-ballet

Whisper Down the Lane

TrendFEM: Tête à Tête is the ideal place to showcase new invigorating operatic works.

Planet Hugill: A delightful and thoughtful approach to opera

Women Box

Preview: Financial Times