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Shorts (1999)

Prepare to enter a bewitching, hilarious, tragic, enthralling world of theatrical and musical storytelling:

A woman cheats on two men…

Two trainspotters brush with the spirit of Anna Karenina…

7,000 dogs join the first world war army, with heart-rendingly farcical results…

A bereaved couple regain their lost son – or do they?…

A dung-beetle falls in and out of love with a caterpillar, then feeds her to a spider…

One minute you’ll be laughing, the next close to tears. Recently performed to packed houses and rave reviews in London, a night out at the theatre will never seem the same again.

Des Oliver
Julian Grant
Gary Carpenter
Elfyn Jones
David Bruce
Rachel Leach

Meredith Oakes
Christina Jones
Simon Nicholson
Toby Satterthwaite
Bill Bankes-Jones

Director: Bill Bankes Jones

Music Director: Orlando Jopling

Designer: Tim Meacock

Lighting: Mark Doubleday

Natalie Raybould
Stephen Wallace
Daniel Norman
D’Arcy Bleiker

Matthew Hunt
Ian Watson
Julian Warburton
Lucy Shaw

‘Did I miss the trappings of grand opera? The costumes? The sets? The stars? Did I hell! Go, please go. This is where the real music making is happening’
Independent on Sunday

‘…the look and feel of the whole production is fresh and exciting. With strong direction by Bill Bankes-Jones and committed acting, Shorts is both excellently performed and a real antidote to red plush.’
Times Literary Supplement

‘…bracing …inventive …an engrossing evening’

‘Ingenious, touching and funny’