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Six-Pack (2002)

Six Pack harnesses the power of music, words, gripping performances and superlative production. This is surprising, daring and intimate storytelling. A great night out for anyone with a sense of adventure…

Jill’s 47th blind date is her worst and probably last…

Susannah is ambushed by paparazzi…

Kevin the postman has trouble with the householders on the odd side…

Natalie’s waiting for that phone call, trying not to slip on the red herrings…

Kylie watches an eclipse with her old ladies…

…and everyone is waiting for Jack to change their lives…

Jack & Jill
Words: Jo Davies
Music: Rachel Leach

Doorstepping Susannah
Words: Davey Moore
Music: Helen Grime

Odd Numbers
Words: Christina Jones
Music: Julian Grant

The Phone Call
Words: B A Diana
Music: John Webb

Has It Happened Yet?
Words: Bill Bankes-Jones
Music: David Bruce

Waiting for Jack
Words: Lynne Williams
Music: Richard Taylor

Director: Bill Bankes Jones

Music Director: Stuart Stratford

Conductor: Stuart Stratford/Jonathan Gale

Designer: Tim Meacock

Lighting: Mark Doubleday

Natalie Raybould
Stephen Wallace
Daniel Norman
D’Arcy Bleiker

Matthew Hunt
Ian Watson
Julian Warburton
Lucy Shaw

“Tête à Tête are probably the best purveyors of contemporary opera in the country, certainly the most hip”
Independent on Sunday

“The mission of Six-Pack is elegantly simple on paper but hugely challenging to realise: to demonstrate that contemporary opera can be engaging, fun and immediate. It’s a testament to the imagination and flair of the six featured composers and their librettists that the whole evening is pacy, vibrant and entertaining, making the whole show and intoxicating night at the theatre”
The Guardian