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Circus Tricks

Tête à Tête – Sat 1 Aug 2009

Music: Michael Henry

Words: Adey Grummet

The knife thrower’s assistant cannot stand the pain of her secret love for the knife-thrower. Barney the horse just dreams of running in straight lines. Alice, the trapeze artist longs for the deadly sensation of falling. 3 brilliantly executed vignettes portary circus performers desperate to bre ak the daily cycle of their act. It will leave you laughing, spellbound and utterly entranced.

Music: Michael Henry Words: Adey Grummet.
Directed by Bill Bankes-Jones, Designed by Tim Meacock.
Performed by Mike Henry, Adey Grummet, Lara Martins, Kevin Kyle.
Conductor: Tim Murray, Piano: J P Gandy, Percussion: Julian Warburton, Flute: Katie Bicknell.