Produced by Helen Caddick

Saturday 18th August: 19:00 – 19:35 2018


The Place, 17 Duke’s Rd, London, WC1H 9PY


Amphora is inspired by the astonishing art and poetry of Dadaist Jean Arp and his love for the artist-dancer Sophie Taeuber, his collaborator and muse. After Sophie’s death, Arp tore up and reassembled some of their work so that he could once again create with her. Through dazzling music, magical dance and stunning costume, Amphora evokes the incandescence of Arp and Taueber’s relationship and its poignant conclusion.


A screening of ‘Amphora…the making of’ by Phil Miller, a short film giving insights into the creation of the work, will precede the performance.


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Other events on this day:

Music: Helen Caddick

Words: Jean Arp


Amphora Live performance:

Conductor: Alex Caldon

Choreographer: Kamala Devam

Costume design and creation: Martina Trottmann


‘Amphora… the Making of’: Phil Miller


Performed by: Katherine Crompton and CantiaQuorum

Dance: Kamala Devam

Image: Kamala Devam dancing to Amphora. Photo by Phil Miller