Be the Bee

Mistress of Time



Tuesday 28 & Wednesday 29 July, 2015

Free Fringe Event – non-ticketed



BE THE BEE is a sound-­‐led, multi-­‐sensory art installation set in a bunker, inspired by the recordings of bees in a hive. We are about to create a novel collective experiencethat will enable audiences to explore the multi-­‐ sensory aspects of being a bee within a beehive. They will be invited to find their way through an immersive audio-­‐visual art installation in a World War II bunker located beneath two beehives in Dalston. We wish to explore the sensation of inhabiting a hive and the experiences that evoke this. Our aim is that such an experience will prompt us to consider our lives in relation to the lives of the bees. The idea originated from recording the bees within their hives from above the bunker, analysing different frequencies throughout different seasons. Taking the lead from these recordings and discussions with scientists, economists and beekeepers, the art installation will combine auditory, visual, olfactory and physical experiences.


This evening’s performance is a precursor to the BE THE BEE art installation.



A swarm of bees emerged from the depths of Dalston to gossip about last year’s experience in the hive.Heloise and Roswitha trained their buzzing, deep throat voices while watching their attempts at a choreographic presentation. We dare not laugh, they might still sting





Be the Bee

Music: Heloise Tunstall-­‐Behrens

Words: Winter by John Burnside, from his book, Melissographia

Director: Roswitha Gerlitz

Soprano I: Luisa Gerstein

Soprano II: Saoirse Townsend

Soprano III: Elly Condron

Soprano IV: Sarah Parkes

Alto I: Liv Stones

Alto II: Tanya Auclair

Alto III: Natalie Pela

Alto IV: Sarah Anderson


Roswitha Gerlitz began her career as a set/costume designer in opera, theatre and dance. Since the millennium, she developed her own ideas and interests as an artist, writer and director and founded her company, Mistress of Time. She has produced, written and directed multi-­‐disciplined opera performances, in both theatrical and academic realms. Having published a book of poems last year, she presently focuses on writing a novella.


Heloise Tunstall-­‐Behrens is a musician and singer, performing as part of the group Landshapes. She finds inspiration in sounds that emerge from the two beehives she keeps, especially during the current swarming season. This is an exciting opportunity to debut her first choral work with Roswitha Gerlitz and Deep Throat Choir.