18:00-18:30, Saturday 27th July 2019


Music & Words: Nadine Benjamin


Including the following music:

George Gershwin – Summertime

WA Mozart – Ach ich fühl’s

Nadine Benjamin & Solar Plexus – I’ll remember that rose

Nadine Benjamin & IZIT-U – Champagne Queen

Florence Price – Night

G Verdi – Ecco l’orrido campo… ma dall’arido stelo

G Verdi – Prega… Ave Maria


Beam takes us on a woman’s life journey from early beginnings to present day. The story will be joined with the musical discipline of opera, creative soundscape and imagery.


The team will work on discovering the key pieces to show in the R&D process over 5 days and will then give us a window into the world of Beam.


Content warning: this show is a work-in-progress. The show presented on the night may contain references to and depictions of bullying, domestic abuse, and sexual violence.


Produced by Tête à Tête


RADA Studios, 16 Chenies Street, London, WC1E 7EX




Beam_photoby_Claire_Shovelton - 16


Facebook: /teteateteopera

Twitter: @teteateteopera

Instagram: @operateteatete


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Artist: Nadine Benjamin

Dramaturg and Collaborative Director: Darren Abrahams

Music Director: Allyson Devenish

Sound Designer: Matt Huxley

Production Manager: Danae Eleni