Produced by Warszawskie Towarzystwo Sceniczne

Thursday 16th 19:00 – 19:55 2018

The Place, 17 Duke’s Rd, London, WC1H 9PY


Workshopped extracts from an opera about obsessive fantasies, based on William Wharton’s debut novel. Al grew up with Birdy in a working-class neighbourhood. Al watches his best friend after the war as PTSD traps Birdy inside his own mind. His magical mind means that his fantasies become his reality. Flashback sequences of their youth help Birdy get back to reality, reveal his mysterious mind, and explore his fascination with all types of birds.


The show hopes to evaluate the human voice’s potential when supported by live electronics. Birdy is obsessed with canaries, and the leading voice parts are based on digitally transformed recordings of their song.


Birdy is the moving story of two friends who grew up in the same environment. The necessity of military mobilization and military experience quickly brought their juvenile dreams and enthusiasm down to earth. Birdy is taken to a psychiatric hospital for observation after showing symptoms of isolation and collapse. He thinks he is a bird. Al – from a dysfunctional family – grew into a strong, though impulsive man who does not control his instincts. Birdy – unbelievably sensitive and delicate – completely loses himself in his internal world. Will their reunion bring any solution to their lives? Will they be able to make contact again?


The enchanting music of Karol Nepelski gives a unique chance to enter the world of these young people, their dreams and fascinations. The mysterious voice of Marcin Gadalinski and Ulato Sam’s charisma guarantees an interesting time during this performative reading of an contemporary opera.






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Music: Karol Nepelski

Director: Waldemar Raźniak

Designer: Marcin Chlanda

Producer: Lilianna Krych


Birdy/countertenor: Marcin Gadaliński

Al/actor: Ulato Sam