Broken Voices presented by Artprojx and curated by Clare Fitzpatrick


Broken Voices is a multimedia performance by British artist Terry Smith in collaboration with the acclaimed sound designer and composer Ian Dearden and the internationally renowned vocalist Linda Hirst. An exciting sculptural intervention fracturing and crashing into a classical music score by Monteverdi, it explores the ephemeral notion of sound through performance.


For the last eight months installation artist Terry Smith has collaborated Linda Hirst and Ian Dearden to create a new sound installation entitled Broken Voices. In the creation of this new work Smith takes Duo Seraphim for 3 Voci by Monteverdi, which he begins to fracture and deconstruct in a way that allows only the carcass of the original score to exist. Smith embarks on an experimental work which leaves him operating outside of his comfort zone and asks the viewer to accompany him on a journey as he explores an interpretation of a classical score, which he carefully shifts equally outside of our comfort zone. Each of the four performances is an ‘open work in progress’ and a risk as he continues to push the work into a discord and disharmony scarcely displaying moments of clarity. It is determined by his own understanding of how sound occupies a space and a notion of sculptural pauses resting gently in thin air. Smith continues to make the process of creating work more difficult by allowing each of the works’ ‘open rehearsals’ to be attended by an audience, permitting a transitory glimpse as it progresses towards its final culmination as a sound and video installation at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill as part of the group exhibition Triple Echo.

Words and Music: Monteverdi