7pm | Friday 12 August 2016 | Cubitt Square, Stable Street, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4AB

Opera Louise


Tête à Tête is delighted to return to King’s Cross for the Cubitt Sessions, a free, outdoor live performance series featuring six days of brand new and improvised pop-up opera.


Sholololo! Opéra Louise transforms the chants of Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC’s faithful followers into an absurd and joyous chamber opera. It is an everyday story of love at first sight, rivalry and a happy ending for the protagonists, who can only express themselves through fan incantations.

Very big emotions! In the modern world they can still be found in opera… and on stadium terraces: passionate love, undying devotion, and emotional highs and lows. In Fribourg, these perfectly sum up the relationship that supporters have with the local ice hockey team Fribourg Gotteron.

Shortlisted by Festival Belluard Bollwerk International 2016 in the call for projects “Living Traditions”, Sholololo! aims at translating the primitive aspects of the music sung in choir in the arena into subtle codes of opera singing. The libretto follows the primitive and repetitive text sung by the supporters. For most of the chants, supporters only shout accented syllables (La-la-la- la ; Sho-lo-lo-lo). Sholololo! now makes its way to London and adapts its chants to Arsenal FC andChelsea FC. A fitting tribute to the universal language of opera and terrace songs.



To find out more about the producers Opera Louise, visit their website: http://www.opera-louise.ch/en/compagnie.html


Photos from our Cubitt Sessions are available below, © Claire Shovelton 2016.


Sholololo !

Concept Julien Chavaz, Jerome Kuhn
Staging Julien Chavaz
Musical arrangement and backing Jérôme Kuhn
Percussion and keyboards Nathan Stornetta
Cast Julia Deit-Ferrand, Yannis François, Augustin Laudet, Lisa Tatin, Salomé Zangerl
Production Opéra Louise, Belluard Bollwerk International


Julien Chavaz

Swiss director Julien Chavaz is artistic director of Opéra Louise. He directed Marius Felix Lange’s Snow White, Stravinsky’s Mavra, Strauss’s Fledermaus, Offenbach’s
Monsieur Choufleuri and Teenage Bodies (a fully-staged version of Buxtehude’s cantates Membra
Jesu nostri). As an assistant director he has worked with Laurent Pelly, Herbert Fritsch and Sam

Jerôme Kuhn
After piano studies at High School of Music Lausanne, Jérôme Kuhn was awarded
with the prize for contemporary music. Since 2013, he is Chief Conductor of the Prague Symphonic Ensemble and has conducted the Slovak Symphony Orchestra, the Nouvel Ensemble
Contemporain and the Fribourg Chamber Orchestra.