14:30-15:30 & 19:30-20:30, Friday 9th August 2019

14:30-15:30 & 19:30-20:30, Saturday 10th August 2019


Secret Location: The performance location will be sent to you by email 1 day before.


Notes on the communal message board. Junk mail. Graffiti. Messages from the inner life of an apartment block, hinting at loneliness, isolation, and troubled communication.


Collected by Danish composer Rasmus Zwicki during his three-year stay in London, the notes introduced him to British society, culture and language between the 2016 Brexit referendum and the 2019 Article 50 deadline.


Performed at a secret site-specific location, this is a unique outsider’s perspective of modern Britain.


Composition of the work is generously supported by a grant from the Danish Composers’ Society.


DuncanHouse_photoby_ClaireShovelton - 3


Soprano: Patricia Auchterlonie

Plus Minus Ensemble

Ensemble Lydenskab (DK)