Drawnforth Opera


Thursday 24 July & Friday 25 July, 2014

Foyer Central Saint Martins


Whisper Down the Lane


Concept and composition: Catherine Kontz

Devised by: Catherine Kontz, Ellan Perry


Cast: Penny Manser, Sibylla Meienberg, Viviane Schwartz, Sarah Granger, Rachel Evans, Sam Taylor, Sanjay Mody, Anna Maria di Fiorentino, Manuela Schuette, Ninna Dugin Vuori, Chun-Ming Lu, Claire Thill, Lucy Turner, Katie Beswick, Andrew Sleightholme

Whisper Down The Lane is a ten minute opera-happening which involves about a dozen performers. Using all sorts of tubings and sound-carrying apparatus, the work studies the sound of language within its function of communication. Expect fun tongue twisting imbroglios and misconstrued iterations ‘whispered’ around Kings Cross.


Sarah Dacey


Saturday 26 July & Sunday 27 July, 2014

Foyer Central Saint Martins



Stupid Cupid : How NOT to Date Online


Music: Sarah Dacey

Words: “setting some of the terrible messages I’ve received whilst internet dating.”

Soprano: Sarah Dacey

Mezzo-sopranos: Kerry Andrew, CN Lester

Tenor: Greg Tassell

Baritones: Cheyney Kent, James Oldfield


Dating online is a tricky business. You end up receiving incredibly bizarre messages from complete weirdos. Stupid Cupid features just a handful of some of the worst messages EVER written. Quirky, disgusting, fun and irreverent a cappella.



Thursday 7 August & Friday 8 August 20:10-20:20

Kings Place Foyer


Victory over the Sun


adapted by Caroline Wilkins from Kruchonykh and Matyushin3 Songs


Music: Mikhail Matyushin

Words: Alexei Kruchonykh

Performer: Caroline Wilkins


A playful performance complete with gramophone horn. We witness a rapid shift from one character – The Bully, The Frightened One, The Aviator – to the next as they sing their solos from this crazy Cubo-Futurist Opera of 1913. The songs stem from Russian Folk and Cabaret traditions of the time.


Caitlin Rowley


Saturday 9 August 19.45-19.55 & Sunday 10 August 15:45-15:55

Kings Place foyer




Music & Words: Caitlin Rowley

Director: Omar Shahryar

Gretel: Charlotte Richardson

Cor anglais: Clemmie Curd


Lost and alone in the dark wood, Gretel’s thoughts wander. Childish outbursts and poetic whimsy mix with the beginnings of understanding about responsibility as she searches for Hansel. Will she find the safe haven she craves?