8pm | Friday 26 August 2016 | Arcola Theatre 24 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL

Standard Tickets £8, Concessions £6


Director Bill Bankes-Jones & Tête à Tête present the world premiere of Harvey Brough’s ‘The Hive’. Inspired by librettist Carole Hayman’s (Ladies of Letters, BBC Radio 4) research into the addictions and compulsions which lead to psychopathic behaviour, this ambitious and provocative work premieres at Grimeborn, the first collaboration between Tête à Tête & the Arcola Theatre.




Killers, like the rich, are different. We all have dark thoughts, and some are darker than others. Haven’t you ever thought about killing someone? The satisfaction of getting rid of that creep you hate, that person who did you over, that bully who deserves it? And how? With a knife, a gun, poison, an accident, your bare hands? One of life’s little pleasures, you might think.

And that’s it. Think.

And then there are the people that do. And some do it again. And again. It’s what they live for. And some, only some, get caught. And when you look into their eyes, the caught ones, what do you see? When you hang them up in the light, can you see the stains? And do they rub off? Do they make your hands dirty too? In the recoil isn’t there its opposite, the fascination?

To view the full programme for Grimeborn Festival, visit: http://www.arcolatheatre.com/event/grimeborn-the-hive/2016-08-26/


Check out librettist Carole Hayman’s 2008 exhibition at Fabrica, that inspired this production: http://fabrica.org.uk/exhibitions/indelible/