20:00-21:00, Thursday 1st August 2019


Music: Nwando Ebizie, Tom Richards, Lore Lixenberg


What connects a 12th century female polymath from Germany with Haitian Vodou and Neurodiversity? Taking the extraordinary life and work of Hildegard von Bingen as its starting point, Hildegard: Visions is a sensory opera-happening that transports its audience through a journey from intimacy to ecstasy.


Like Hildegard’s cosmic visions, perceptual disorders such as the newly discovered ‘Visual Snow’ present those who experience them with new realities. Using voice, sculptural light installation, electronic soundscapes and ideas of ritual from across cultures and times, the piece invites us both to reflect on these connections, and to discover our own, singular realities.


This R&D happening drawing together three original commissions from a diverse range of composers continues Ebizie’s research into performative installation and ritual connected to the Neurophenomenology of Perception.


Supported by Opera North Projects


Produced by Nwando Ebizie/BitterSuite


Hall 2, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG



HildegardeVisions_photoby_ClaireShovelton - 22


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Curators: Nwando Ebizie, Stephanie Singer

Composers: Lore Lixenberg, Tom Richards, Nwando Ebizie

Performers: Ignacio Jarquin, Jennifer MT White

Sculptural Lighting: Shelley James

Choreographer/Performer: Wennefer