Produced by Metta Theatre

Thursday 16th August: 21:15 – 22:00


The Place, 17 Duke’s Rd, London, WC1H 9PY


 “The girls didn’t like it. They thought it looked funny.
Tutus are for boys!”

Taking a delightful child’s eye view of the world, I’M NOT A BIT LIKE A CLOWN captures the playfulness and freewheeling energy of a toddler exploding traditional gender stereotypes.

Bonkers and boisterous, the real-life words of a toddler are brought to joyous life in this new solo opera by award winning Composer Laura Bowler (BBC Radio Three) who’s recently returned from creating a new opera in Antarctica. Starring Percussionist Nathan Gregory and non-binary soprano Alexandra Bork.


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£7.50 in advance online, £9.50 in person/on phone/ on the door at the venue.



I'm Not A Bit Like A Clown


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Music: Laura Bowler

Words: Poppy Burton-Morgan


Soprano: Alexandra Bork

Percussion: Nathan Gregory

Video Design: Laura Bowler