Produced by Metta Theatre

Thursday 16th August: 21:15 – 22:00


The Place, 17 Duke’s Rd, London, WC1H 9PY


Imagine the Secret Life of Four Year Olds set to music. Using entirely verbatim text from an anonymous two year old, award winning Composer Laura Bowler (Music Theatre, BBC Radio Three; FFF, Ensemble Phace Vienna) captures the joy, playfulness and freewheeling energy of a toddler. Adapted and directed by Poppy Burton-Morgan, and scored for non-binary soprano Alexandra Bork, this piece explores and explodes our received ideas of gender, offering a delightful child’s eye view of the world.


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£7.50 in advance online, £9.50 in person/on phone/ on the door at the venue.


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Music: Laura Bowler

Words: Poppy Burton-Morgan


Soprano: Alexandra Bork

Percussion: Nathan Gregory

Video Design: Laura Bowler