Sunday 5th August, 18.15 – 18.45




Claudia Molitor and CHROMA make an opera in one day with LorŽ Lixenberg and Darren Abrahams.


Have you ever doodled an idea on a piece of paper and wished it would instantly come to life? Well, we thought we would draw you an opera and bring it to life in front of your very eyes …. oh yes …. and we’ll create all of this in one day!




The “live composition” idea has been discussed by Claudia Molitor and Stuart King since they collaborated at the PRS for Music Foundation “New Music Incubator” sessions in Sweden in 2010. Thanks to Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival, finally the idea is coming out of the pub and onto a stage!


Claudia, Loré, Darren, Stuart and Elena began work on the content of this performance this morning. They have devised it over coffee, lunch and in the studio upstairs – and here it is. Enjoy.




instant doodle opera



Celebrating its 15th birthday this year, the critically acclaimed CHROMA features some of Britain’s most outstanding musicians, and is known for the passion it brings to contemporary works, its vivid renderings of classic pieces and its diverse

participation/learning activity.


Opera collaborations: ROH2 – premieres of operas by Tarik O’Regan (Opera East), Stewart Copeland & Anne Dudley (ROH2 operashots) in the last year. Associate Ensemble for Tête à Tête, which includes developing new work through Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival (2011: works by Stephen NcNeff, Michael Zev Gordon & Rob Fokkens, 2012: Charlotte Bray & Samuel Bordoli), and Iford Festival.


Created by: Claudia Molitor with Darren Abrahams, Elena Hull, Stuart King & Loré Lixenberg

Composer/doodler: Claudia Molitor

Producer: Claire Shovelton


Mezzo: Loré Lixenberg

Tenor: Darren Abrahams

Clarinet: Stuart King

Double Bass: Elena



Claudia Molitor -pioneering composer, performer, sound and video artist.


Loré Lixenberg – inspirational mezzo and director.


Darren Abrahams – also-inspirational tenor and co-founder of The Singing Entrepreneur.


Stuart King – award-winning clarinettist, pedagogue, male model, artistically directs CHROMA.


Elena Hull – also-award-winning bassist, folk and bluegrass enthusiast, linguist, been with CHROMA for a decade.


Claire Shovelton – redheaded producer, photographer and auntie to many.