A l’abri des regards indiscrets


Thursday 31 July & Friday 1 August, 2014

Studio Central Saint Martins




The original experimental rock duo Vialka has been exploring the world – its music and performing Arts – and working on interdisciplinary collaborations since 2002. With more than a hundred gigs a year, on every continent, their way of life has been exquisite, but destructive. Being a couple in life and on stage, unable to complete a supposedly necessary separation, the complex tangle of links that bind them needed an autopsy. They used the power of theatre as a healing tool, whilst crafting what they do best: contemporary and popular music. The forming and deforming of sounds, rhythms, textures and textswere manipulated within the context of a narrative puzzle, instigating body movement and interaction with everyday objects, establishing the basis for stage direction, composition and some improvisation.


Thus, came the shape of this needed ambivalent opera.



During dinner à l’Abri des regards indiscrets (out of sight from prying eyes), a couple – X and Y – both attempt to discuss their evils – banter, cuisine and sex – through the language of contemporary operatic drama. The audience is generously invited to witness a breathless, ridiculous and nasty dual. As the protagonists expose their exploded bubble, the cause of trouble remains part obscured, unreachable; things no longer seem to make sense. Food is not eaten, yet feelings are drunk and melted into trance kitchen sounds, rhythms and a particular sense of humour, as the protagonists play with the French and English languages.


Under this multi-­‐layered coat of ecstatic life, a premeditated murder is slowly exposed.



A l’Abri des regards indiscrets

Music: Eric Boros, Marylise Frecheville

Words: Marylise Frecheville

Director: Julie Binot

Lighting Designer: Sébastien Bordel

Sound Technician: Yoann Sanson

Percussion: Marylise Frecheville

Guitar & Electronics: Eric Boros


Marylise Frecheville calls the stage her home. In discord with her dance, theatre and piano education, she joined her first garage band in 1993. After obtaining a degree in architecture, she studied percussion and voice at Victoria Conservatory. Her style covers complex polyrhythms, measured arrhythmic beats, textural soundspaces, and diaphonic vocalisms.


Eric Boros has been immersed in the global underground for last twenty years. He is a self-­‐taught guitarist, improviser, composer, curator, networker and translator. With a focus on transcultural and interdisciplinary collaboration, he has established connections with artists from around the world, crossing theborders between art, music and noise.