An ever popular presence at the festival, Tte ˆ Tte developed, rehearsed and performed 4 brand new, super-short operas all over Riverside Studios, in foyers, theatres and other public places across the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham including Ravenscourt Park, Bishop’s Park, Lyric Square and Fulham Palace. Come rain or shine the show went on – expect the unexpected!





Music: Matt Rogers

Words: Sally O’Reilly


How the knowledge of an encounter’s ultimate consequences can colour the memory of its unfurling phases.



Long Lankin


Music & words: Fleur de Bray


A tale of revenge-fuelled murder; haunted by the bloodshed of innocent youth, Long Lankin is taunted by his accomplice while they flee the scene of the crime and attempt to evade those seeking justice



Of My Daughter’s Prayer


Music: Will Handysides

Words: Declan Kolakowski


Beneath the earth in subjugation Bondage lies, four bodies become one, contorting and clawing





Music: John Webb

Words: Tamsin Collison


Thatcher distracts heartbroken lover in suicide bid.


But when your number’s up…




Lite Bites

Soprano: Stephanie Corley

Baritone: Daniel Broad

Accordion: Rafal Luc

Cello: Corentin Chassard

Music Director: James Young

Director: Bill Bankes-Jones

Designer: Sarah Booth