Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd August 20.10-20.40

Tête à Tête


New work is always volatile, and we’re sorry to say that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Warehouse Ensemble is no longer able to perform Six-Word Operas in Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival this year. We’re happy to say that the performances will be replaced by concert performances of Tête à Tête’s own Lite Bites by Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Ergo Phizmiz and Owen Bourne.


Tête à Tête develops, rehearses and performs super-short operas during the Festival which are presented at public places across the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham including Ravenscourt Park, Bishop’s Park, Lyric Square and Fulham Palace. Come and join us for a sneak preview as we present concert versions of 3 of this years Lite Bites.



Love Bytes

Music: Cheryl Frances-Hoad

Words: Tamsin Collison


A virtual romance. Two cyber lovers ask themselves exactly who is on the other end of the line- Can you trust your heart in the digital age?


Caring In The Community

Words & Music: Ergo Phizmiz


A charming and heart-warming tale of the unmitigated hatred that can develop between two people living next door to one another. After a long day at the office, a businessman’s evening of watching the X Factor is ruined by the dulcet tones of the opera singer who lives next door.


Love Letter

Music & Words: Owen Bourne


Where two lovers read their love letters aloud in private but may not be- just that- private.

Baritone: Danny Broad

Soprano: Joanna Songi

Vibes: Ric Elsworth

Cello: Corentin Chassard

Music Director: James Young

Director: Bill Bankes-Jones

Designer: Fabrice Serafino