Saturday 14th August, 17.00



Jacques Cohen wrote most of this opera over ten years ago. In the meantime several other major commissions intervened until a few weeks ago when, after seeing the score, Bill Bankes-Jones invited Jacques to present it at this year’s festival. and also



Magic Potions is a one act fairy tale opera about a woman, Rosalind, who enlists the help of her lover, Jonathan, and the ghost of her witch grandmother, Grizelda, in order to murder her warlock uncle, Malog, so that she can marry her lover and inherit her uncle’s money. But things do not go quite according to plan….





Music & Words: Jacques Cohen

Conductor: Jacques Cohen

Design: Tom Oldham

Producer: Antonia Alonzo

Stage Manager: Loz Tait



Piano: Wyn Hyland

Soprano: Cheryl Enever (Rosalind)

Tenor: Gareth Morris (Jonathan)

Baritone: Leandros Taliotis (Malog)

Mezzo: Kathryn Turpin (Grizelda)