20:10-21:10, Monday 14th September 2020


Music: Helgi R. Ingvarsson

Words: Rebecca Hurst


Music and the Brain is a new electro-opera inspired by the case studies of Oliver Sacks. The Singer’s successful career has been cut short by an accident. The resulting brain injury has caused her to lose the ability to comprehend music. Her Doctor hopes that this interesting case will redeem him in the eyes of the academic community. The Doctor is sung by Gunnar Guðbjörnsson who is an established tenor with a career that has taken him to some of the leading opera houses in Europe.


All ages (mostly adults)


Content Warning: Contains an abstract scene of surgery without blood or gore.


Produced by Helgi R. Ingvarsson


Venue: hopefully* The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH. 

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On the same day:

Music: Helgi R. Ingvarsson

Words: Rebecca Hurst

Tenor/The Doctor: Gunnar Guðbjörnsson

Soprano/The Singer: Þórgunnur Anna Örnólfsdóttir

Composer, Artistic Director and Performer: Helgi R. Ingvarsson

Flautist and Performer: Helen Whitaker.