Person walking in a circle

20:15-21:00, Tuesday 6th August 2019


Music: Kris Apple

Words: Roswitha Gerlitz

Direction & Choreography: Yolande Snaith


Of Body and Ghost is a dance-theatre-opera collaboration between dance maker Yolande Snaith, composer Kris Apple, writer/dramaturg Roswitha Gerlitz and vocalist Barbara Byers.


Of Body and Ghost is an ethereal rite of passage through the experience of aging. Movement, text, images, music and song join forces to create a poetic synthesis. The performers negotiate tensions between scientific fact, memory, embodied experience and fantasy in a surreal journey through time, space, gravity and spirit. Questions of human mortality in relation to our modern world are grappled with, whilst celebrating life in the present moment, and the beauty of the human being’s expressive capabilities.


Produced by Yolande Snaith


The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London, WC1H 9PY



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Facebook: /DancingBody

Twitter: @YSnaith


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Dance maker and performer: Yolande Snaith

Words and dramaturg: Roswitha Gerlitz

Composer/musician: Kris Apple


Singer: Barbara Byers

Visual design and costume construction: Yolande Snaith