One Art

20:00-20:40, Saturday 27th July 2019


Music: Paula M. Kimper

Words: Elizabeth Bishop


What to do if you are someone who just keeps losing things? Well, become very good at it, then write a poem to help others profit from your experiences…


By age 5, poet Elizabeth Bishop had lost her father, mother, and any sense of belonging. Over a lifetime of travel, adventure, writing, and drinking, she also lost lovers, houses, entire continents…and left us her villanelle One Art, an ode to the ‘art of losing.’


A mix of narrative cabaret, staged song cycle, and one woman opera, One Art shows us how great art is often wrested from great heartbreak.


‘Tremendously powerful depiction of a rich and sad life…beautifully presented.’


Please note there are references to suicide in this show.


Produced by Femme Lunatique Productions


RADA Studios, 16 Chenies Street, London, WC1E 7EX




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Performer/Script Developer: Laure Meloy

Composer: Paula M. Kimper

Director/Script Development: Brigitte Baden-Rennie

Poet: Elizabeth Bishop

Commissioning Organisation: Femme Lunatique