Saturday 7th August, 21.30 & Sunday 8th August, 18.30



One Dark Night is Osnat and Sabina’s first piece as Filament Theatre but their third piece as collaborators. The idea came after just such a night, and it has been developed with support from Greenwich Theatre, and Arts Council England. It will eventually be one of three short pieces focusing on different passages of emotion linked to key events in the cycle of life.


A woman arrives back at her flat after another dreary day at work. She is depressed, weary and alone. One Dark Night follows her episodic journey through the evening and into the early hours mixing memories from her past, banalities of her present and dr eams of the future. From sock sorting to soul searching, the protagonist and her chorus bring to life the all too familiar long dark night of the soul.







Filament - Youth Opera Workshop






Featuring: The Filament Company



Music :Osnat Schmool


Words: Osnat Schmool and Company


Director:Sabina Netherclift


Cast:   Matthew Coombes, Richard Hartley, Jon Paul Hevey,


Osnat Schmool, Vikki Stone, Abimaro Suit, Rebecca Thorn


and Emi Wokoma