Orlando Plays Mad (2000)


Music: Antonio Vivaldi (Orlando finto pazzo)


An extraordinary trail of discovery leading via Newcastle, Venice and Turin to the enchanted garden of the sorceress-queen Ersilla, including a fully staged performance of the pivotal second act. Unforgettable music performed by the cream of period instrumentalists and singers, set within a blazingly theatrical production, this is the first time any of the piece has been seen or heard since 1714.

“It was exciting theatre, giving us a glimpse of the immense possibilities of this vivid, magical opera. A cast pulsating with talent had been assembled Š—– there were some brilliant performances and enchanting singing.”

Opera Now

Director: Bill Bankes Jones

Conductor: Orlando Jopling


Designer: Tim Meacock

Lighting/Stage Management: Mark Doubleday

Production Manager: Simon Sturgis

Administrator: Caroline Steane

Edition by Orlando Jopling (music) and Bill Bankes-Jones (words) of Antonio Vivaldi & Grazio Braccioli’s Orlando Finto Pazzo 




Brandimarte: Christopher Robson

Grifone: Stephen Wallace

Origille: Arlene Rolph

Tigrinda: Katherine Haataja

Argillano: Louise Mott

Orlando: Keel Watson

Ersilla: Emma Dogliani



Repetiteur/Harpisichord: Martin Canizio

Orchestra Leader: Catherine Martin