Prepared to be surprised, delighted, and entertained…


A hugely popular feature each year, Tête à Tête tours a small performing group around the public spaces of King’s Cross (streets, parks, squares) and our own foyers to perform a set of super short five minute operas.






Music: James Garner

Words: Anna Pool


Sarah feels stuck. All she wants is a quiet life; a non- hyperactive five year old and a house in Barbados. So finding a lamp at the bus stop that looks mysteriously like the wish fulfilling, genie-containing lamp from Aladdin is obviously going to be the answer to her prayers… right?




My Mother My Daughter

Music & Words Orlando Gough

A mother/daughter relationship from cradle to grave.





Music: Sophie Sparkes

Words: Jenny Colgan

One woman approaches another on the street. But is money all she’s after?




Wake Up!

Music: Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Words: Susannah Waters

Time to wake up!





Singers: Amy Freston, Hannah Mason

Cellists: Dan Bull, AngŽlique Lihou

Music Direction: Timothy Burke with James Young

Direction: Bill Bankes-Jones with Oliver Platt

Design: Sarah Booth