21:20-22:20, Tuesday 6th August 2019


Music & Words: Alastair White


A posthuman fantasia about cartography, cyberpunk and the A.I. singularity featuring high fashion, contemporary dance and musical virtuosity – from the team that created the “spellbinding” (Boulezian) award-nominated WEAR.


Descending into the mind of the superintelligence EDINBURGH, a young cartographer is tasked with mapping this creature so as to grant its desire: to become a living city. But they grow close, and she weaves into the map those things that cannot be known or spoken: the hidden histories of joy and longing each privately our own. As these rifts in the structure undo causality itself, she must answer the question: what exactly has she created?


Produced by UU Studios


The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London, WC1H 9PY


Website: www.alastairwhite.org/


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Words & Music: Alastair White

Co-Director: Gemma A. Williams

Co-Director: Pamela Schermann

Music Director: Ben Smith

Choreographer: Max Gershon

Fashion: Michael Stewart

Design: Brian Archer




Clara Kanter

Rosie Middleton

Sarah Parkin

Kelly Poukens




Piano: Ben Smith

Flute: Jenni Hogan