21:20-22:20, Tuesday 6th August 2019


Music & Words: Alastair White


A posthuman fantasia about cartography, cyberpunk and the A.I. singularity featuring high fashion, contemporary dance and musical virtuosity – from the team that created the “spellbinding” (Boulezian) award-nominated WEAR.


Descending into the mind of the superintelligence EDINBURGH, a young cartographer is tasked with mapping this creature so as to grant its desire: to become a living city. But they grow close, and she weaves into the map those things that cannot be known or spoken: the hidden histories of joy and longing each privately our own. As these rifts in the structure undo causality itself, she must answer the question: what exactly has she created?


Supported by the Hinrichsen Foundation and the Goldsmiths Graduate Fund, Music Research Committee and Music Department.


Produced by UU Studios


The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London, WC1H 9PY



ROBE_photoby_ClaireShovelton - 5


You can read and download here the ROBE – DIGITAL LIBRETTO and PROGRAMME





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Words & Music: Alastair White

Co-Director: Gemma A. Williams

Co-Director: Pamela Schermann

Music Director: Ben Smith

Choreographer: Max Gershon

Executive Producer: Julian Wilkins

Fashion: Michael Stewart

Design: Brian Archer

Hair: Radio Hair Salon

Make-Up Design: Astrid Kearney assisted by the London School of Makeup LSM Pro team.





Rowan, The Mapmaker: Clara Kanter

Neachneohain, the Official: Rosie Middleton

Beira, the Soldier: Sarah Parkin

The Storyteller: Kelly Poukens

EDINBURGH: Rosie Middleton & Sarah Parkin




Music Director: Ben Smith

Piano: Ben Smith

Flute: Jenni Hogan




Charlie Nayler

Thomas Page

Moses Ward




Keith Chilvers

Megan Moran