Thurs 13 & Fri 14 Aug 2009


SHADOWPLAYS explores the interdependence of shadow and substance It is inspired by the Dada artist Kurt Schwitter’s text and playfully explores the real and the imagined, unites opposites, chaos and order, it investigates the relationships/dialogue between sound, gesture, physical shape, image and the search for beauty. It aims to link the audible and the visual, uniting live art performance with contemporary opera.




In this adaptation of Schwitter’s work, a female shadow character, Laura, is created from the fantasy of Friedrich and appears as a shadow, Friedrich has a friend named Emil who has been abandoned by his shadow, Lime (Emil spelled backwards) Meanwhile, both men are in love with, and loved by, Elena. There are three performers and two shadows interacting with each other: a female shadow and a male shadow that live and act independently, two musicians and an Outsider. They are acting on a circular space defined by the enlarged image of the mechanism of a clock.


Director and Devisor: Roswitha Gerlitz

Music: Catherine Kontz

Choreographer: Geir Hytten

Lighting Designer: Mark Howland

Set/costume Design: Ellan Parry

Laura 2 actress/dancer: Constanza Ruff

Elena soprano: Zoe Challenor

Friedrich tenor: Sebastian Ferrada Garramon

Emil baritone: Timothy Hamilton

Lime bass: Peter Willcock

Musician/clarinet: Scott Lygate

Musician/violin: Angharad Davies

Dancer: Terry Donovan




Roswitha Gerlitz is a director living and working in London. She worked extensively and internationally as a set/costume designer in opera, theatre and dance before developing her own ideas and interests as an artist, writer and director. Most recent she produced and directed a multi disciplined opera developed by Operagenesis, “Stumbling over Infinity” at the Linbury Studio at the Royal Opera House, exhibited her art work “Mistress of Time” and, simultaneously, founded her company of the same title.


Catherine Kontz is a London-based composer who specialises in experimental music theatre (MiE, Neige, Electra, Salmon Stories). She has recently been commissioned for new works by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Rational Rec, Chetham’s School of Music and Banque Centrale du Luxembourg amongst others and she has appeared at the Tête à Tête opera festival in 2007 and 2008.