A Community Sonic Art Project to Welcome the G7 to Cornwall

 Saturday 12th June 2021

Hayle Beach, Cornwall

Produced by Tête à Tête


The Song of the Sea Cave at Nanjizal. Photo by Marcus Jose


What is it?


1,000 local people will gather on Hayle Beach, adjacent to the G7 host venue, Carbis Bay. Each will have a sustainably-sourced corrugaphone or whirly tube. This  giant socially distanced human grid will start with just one lone instrument, then the noise of the crowd will accumulate slowly to a huge tutti of all 1,000, before dwindling back down to silence. Duration 10-15 minutes. Elegantly simple in conception and execution, Song of the Sea is a powerful metaphor for collaboration, community, and climate change, born of the breathtaking Cornish coast and tracing through its own production an inspirational narrative of Cornwall’s world-leading response to marine plastic pollution. A cry of help from the sea and a moment of repose, reflection and hope for the G7, for Cornwall and for the world…


Corrugaphone/Whirly Tube



What do we need?


◆ Programming: to be part of the official G7 Schedule

◆ Permissions: we want to be legitimate, secure and safe

◆ People: we want all the participants to live as locally as possible. If you want to join us, use the contact form below.

◆ Philanthropy: the costs will be remarkably small, but not negligible

◆ Whirly tubes: key to the conception is 1,000 whirly tubes that do not impact negatively on the environment. This is our biggest challenge. We are convinced this is surmountable. Can you help?




I live less than three miles from Carbis Bay, the G7 host venue. I also run a pathfinding opera company, Tête à Tête, which has a twenty-plus-year history of making extraordinary things in extraordinary places. Tête à Tête is a charity and an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation. For Song of the Sea we will build a large network of partnerships that will show the ability of the local community to come together and make something huge, of international calibre, by its very nature socially distanced, and most importantly simple, substantial, powerful, poetic, and charged full of vision and hope.






Bill Bankes-Jones

Artistic Director, Tête à Tête


Logos for sponsors: Friends of Tête à Tête, and Arts Council England