We have partnered up with Royal Northern Sinfonia who are providing two instrumentalists to join our two singers and creative team to workshop new works by composers & librettists who base their practice in the North East of England.


Gloria Hag

Composed by Charlotte Marlow

Text by Caroline Hardaker


Chorographia – To the candid reader

Composed by Ed Carter

Text by William Gray



Composed by Ieva Dubova



Composed by Katie Apple Oswell

Text by Daniel Clark


Le Serpent Qui Danse

Music by Sarah Li

Text by Charles Baudelaire 


Two Ears Opera

Text and Music by Eleanor Cully Boehringer 



Text and Music by Jorge Boehringer


Des Vignettes de L’Angoisse 

Text and Music by James Waide


Perfect Pitch

Text and Music by John Kefala Kerr


When Love Arrives

Composed by Tom Albans

Text by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye


The workshops will run over two days, 14th-15th May 2024.