Produced by The Music Troupe

Wednesday 8th August. 19:40 – 20:20


RADA Studios, 16 Chenies St, London, WC1E 7EX


Don Perlimplín has a young wife. Does Belisa really care for him despite being unfaithful? She’s smitten by a mysterious stranger in a red cloak seen in the garden. Why isn’t Perlimplín jealous? With music that’s bel canto and a production that challenges ideas of love and lust, gender and identity, The Music Troupe presents a chamber opera which is tragic and surreal. Based on a play by Lorca, nothing is quite what it seems in the dysfunctional playboy mansion.


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£7.50 in advance online, £9.50 in person/on phone/ on the door at the venue.


Recommended 18+


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Music: Edward Lambert

Words: Federico García Lorca


Conductor: Thomas Payne

Director:Jaered Glavin

Belisa: Fleur de Bray,

Marcolfo: Kate Howden

Perlimpín: Andrew Greenan