The Flying Fox (1998)


Music: Johann Strauss


Prince Orlofsky, the fabulously wealthy gender-bending aristocrat, is holding a party for all the playboys in town to meet the girls from the touring ballet. Dr. Falke uses the occasion to wreak his revenge on his friend Eisenstein for the infamous joke of the Flying Fox.


With a lovesick tenor, a wronged wife, a rebellious parlourmaid and a whole host of other characters, Johann Strauss created one of the most ebullient, hilarious, preposterous and best-loved pieces of music theatre ever.

Tête à Tête blows the cobwebs from this much abused piece in a new translation capturing the sizzling wit and Viennese charm of the original, and a new orchestration for an Anglo-Viennese quartet, introducing newcomers to the thrill of lyric theatre while satisfying the most ardent connoisseur with a production full of surprises, where voyeurs chez Eisenstein become guests at Orlofsky’s party and inmates of Frank’s prison.



Supported by Hochriegl Champagne, The Leche Trust, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, The Nicholas John Trust, The Concordia Foundation


“Surely someone should sponsor a transfer of this splendid work which, like the champagne they sing so much about, is cool, fizzy and deliciously intoxicating” – Time Out

Battersea Arts Centre Production:

Director/Translation: Bill Bankes-Jones

Musical Director/Arrangement: Orlando Jopling

Choreographer: Tomorr Kokona

Designer: Roger Butlin

Lighting Designer: Mark Doubleday


T Cast

Andrea: Amanda Lee

Adele: Natalie Raybould

Alfred: Kevin Loe

Blind/Joachim: Andrew MacNair

Eisenstein/Emil: Andrew Mullen

Falke: Damian Thantrey

Frank: Devon Harrison

Ida: Hannah Finch

Ivan: Tom Butlin

Orlovsky: Gillian Crichton

Rosalinde: Hilary Dolamore

Pianists: Kate Carver, Jonathan Gale, Audrey Hyland

Orchestra: Diana Kiendl, Mia Cooper, Nicky Baxter

F Cast

Andrea: Amanda Lee

Adele: Melissa Milne

Alfred: Chris Ovenden

Blind/Joachim: Andrew MacNair

Eisenstein: Phillip Hill

Emil: Andrew Mullen

Falke: John Ward

Frank: Devon Harrison

Ida: Hannah Finch

Ivan: Tom Butlin

Orlovsky: Siobhain Gibson

Rosalinde: Maria Piazza

Pianists: Andrew Black, Nigel Hichinson

Orchestra: Roy Theaker, Natalie Rozario


Middle Temple Hall Production (November 2000)

Director/Translator: Bill Bankes-Jones

Musical Director/Arranger: Orlando Jopling

Designer: Roger Butlin

Production Assistant: Holly Rodgers

Choreographer: Maxine Braham

Adele: Yvette Bonner

Eisenstein: Daniel Norman

Emil: Ben Cooper

Dr Falke: Damian Thantrey

Frank: Devon Harrison

Ida: Ailish Tynan

Ivan: Will Beer

Prince Orlovsky: Leigh Woolf

Rosalinde: Hilary Dolamore

Gustav: Paul Carey Jones

Silvia: Maireed Sheerin

Pianist: Jonathan Gale

Violin: Mia Cooper, Alison Dods

Cello: Natalie Rozario