Live Performance

21:00-21:50, Thursday 17th September 2020

The Cockpit


There will also be an interactive broadcast of this show at 19:45-20:45, Saturday 19th September 2020. A recording of that broadcast will be available for 28 days.


Music: Harvey Brough

Words: Carole Hayman


The full opera is on hold but here is the terrible story of The Hive presented in a covid friendly short new film followed by a live performance of songs and arias from the opera.


From Grimms’ tales to the real thing, we are all fascinated with violent crime: on TV, in the media, in films, and particularly when the perpetrators are women. The Hive, an opera as beguiling as it is shocking, uses heartbreaking drama, black humour and a scorching score to explore why.


“Women kill within a small area. Where they have most influence – within their domestic corral. You might say…(he smiles) Women kill close to the hive”.


The Hive began life as a Tête à Tête production as a part of the Grimeborn Festival in 2016.


The initial broadcast included the company taking questions from the audience in a chat after the broadcast.


Age range: 18+

Content warning: The work is about murder and serial killing


Produced by Hive Opera


Venue: The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH. 


The Hive was featured on the BBC’s Untold series – listen now:



If you would like to help Tête à Tête and the artists creating this show, take a look at this.



On the same day:

Music: Harvey Brough Words: Carole Hayman Soloist: Jessica Walker Film: Josh Pulman and Michelle D’Costa

Music: Harvey Brough

Words: Carole Hayman

Live Soloist: Jessica Walker

Pianist: Harvey Brough

Film: Produced and Directed by Josh Pulman & Carole Hayman.

Film associates: Michele D’Acosta, and Kinacho Suarez

Film soloists:  Keel Watson, Elizabeth Cragg, Marcia Bellamy (TaT 2017), Lawrence Thackery, Timothy Nelson, Sarah Parkin, Lucy Stevens (Angel Field Festival 2020)

Film Narrator: Carole Hayman

Design: Ellen Cairn

Panelists: Leo Goatley, Katherine Goatley