Returning from their exhilarating escapades to the shores of Greenwich, Dead-Eye Parry and the Blindfold Cat disembark in Hammersmith for another of their adventurous explorations in movement and space. Having previously abandoned the means of common visual perception, they nowadays make use of alternative modes of orientation and communication guiding them on their hunt for a handful of prized objects particular to each adventure. As witnesses have reported, their camaraderie discloses the sort of behavioural patterns and performance-related challenges that one may expect from this pair of free-spirited explorers.


Music & Words: Ellan Parry and Catherine Koontz


Ellan Parry designs and devises for theatre and live art. She was the 2005 winner of the Jocelyn Herbert Award for stage design, and was shortlisted for the Linbury Prize the same year.




Catherine Kontz is a freelance composer, working and collaborating with musicians and visual artists in London and abroad.