The Perfect Opera

21:30-22:05, Sunday 28th July 2019


Music: Peter Davis

Words: Leo Doulton


Love! Death! And a pantomime camel!


After extensive audience research, we listed everything people demanded in operas, and forced them all into this show. It needs a classic tale, so enter Macbeth. It’s completely original, so he’s on a pantomime camel. And it needs a love story – and Macbeth and his camel are deeply in love. Then Lady Macbeth finds out..


With drag queens, ballet scenes, and social relevance (but not forcing ideas down your throat), this hip hop foxtrot operatic sketch comedy show is (technically) The Perfect Opera.


Catch it in London before its 2019 Edinburgh Fringe run!


Produced by Virtually Opera


RADA Studios, 16 Chenies Street, London, WC1E 7EX


Facebook: /VirtuallyOpera

Twitter: @VirtuallyOpera


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Music: Peter Davis

Words: Leo Doulton


Soprano/Camel: Rosalie Warner

Alto/Conductor: Erika Gundesen

Tenor/Macbeth: TBA

Bass/Lady Macbeth: Samuel Dewese


Piano: Mairi Grewar