Interactive Broadcast

18:00-19:00, Thursday 17th September 2020

Watch the broadcast below


There is also a live performance of Timeless Figure at The Cockpit Theatre at 19:00-19:40, Tuesday 15th September 2020.


This broadcast includes a recording of the performance, and additional live content.


Music & Words: Martin Bussey

Photography: Laurel Turton


Timeless Figure is about Time. This complete performance sees J.B.Joyce (Peter Edge) making clocks in Shropshire in 1680. He moves through a world changing with dizzying speed, portrayed through Laurel Turton’s stunning merged and overlaid images. These challenge our assumptions of Time’s visual impact. Shropshire clockwork merges into urban, rural and seascapes in the United States. Joyce reflects on ‘Time, a maniac’ in Tennyson’s words set against a frantic marimba. Passengers pass under Joyce’s Liverpool clock to escape Irish Famine or flee mill work to holiday. Marconi’s single radio signal makes Joyce realise that ‘Time stands still’.


The initial broadcast of Timeless Figure featured the complete show, filmed live with singer, clarinet, viola and marimba performing in front of Laurel Turton’s specially commissioned images. Afterwards, join composer/librettist Martin Bussey, photographer Laurel Turton (live from the US!) and singer, Peter Edge to ask your questions: Why Shropshire? Why those three instruments? Why and where were the images taken?


All ages (mostly adults)


Produced by TF Productions


Venue: Interactive Broadcast







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On the same day:

Music Director: Martin Bussey Words & Music: Martin Bussey Visuals: Laurel Turton Singer: Peter Edge Clarinet: Daniel Mawson Viola: Joe Lenehan Marimba: Darren Gallacher 

Music Director: Martin Bussey

Words & Music: Martin Bussey

Visuals: Laurel Turton

Singer: Peter Edge

Clarinet: Daniel Mawson

Viola: Joe Lenehan

Marimba: Darren Gallacher

Pre-show recording: Sam Gee

Visuals projection: Stephen Hyde