19:00-19:40, Saturday 27th July 2019


Composer – Cover Squirrel: Laura Bowler

Composer – My Voice: Michael Betteridge

Words: Various


“A woman sits alone in the room. She tries to speak. Her voice is gone.”


Two parts of a series exploring how people lose their voice:


A verbatim work, inspired by the voices of different women says “Physically. Socially. Politically.”


An interlocking cycle of controlling mechanisms are set in motion. The consequence is voicelessness. How trauma impacts one’s ability to speak. Sing. Utter. Breathe.


These works were developed at Snape Maltings and are generously supported by Arts Council England and The Finzi Trust.


Produced by Rosie Middleton


RADA Studios, 16 Chenies Street, London, WC1E 7EX




Voice(less)_photoby_Claire_Shovelton - 43



Twitter: @MezzoRosie

Website: www.rosiemiddleton.com


Also on the same day:

Mezzo-Soprano: Rosie Middleton

Artistic Director: Robin Norton-Hale

Musical Director: Naomi Woo