How To Work Sustainably

Thursday, 29th April 2021

We’re really happy to be sharing this trial version of The Theatre Green Book to help our festival artists and everyone else create work in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. You can read a short summary below, and find out more about the project here. If you’d like to read the whole thing, you can find it here. As it is still in beta testing, if you have any helpful ideas for how to improve the Green Book, please let the creators know via their website.


Green Book Baseline shows needs to:


Make sure 50% of all materials (sets/scenery/props) come from reused or recycled sources

Make sure 65% of them go on to future lives

Avoid harmful and unsustainable materials

Run technical systems sustainably

Reduce journeys and deliveries


To achieve all that, Green Book Baseline shows need to:


Set the standard at the outset

Appoint the team early

Work collaboratively

Make sure lessons are passed on


Working to Green Book standards will mean more time from everybody – but will save money on materials.


The Guidance on page 27 shows how to achieve each standard. ‘Intermediate’ and ‘advanced’ standards follow the same principles with higher targets.