Looking for a Rehearsal Room in London?

Friday, 11th January 2019


Look no further!


This is a fantastic asset commissioned by Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre. Knowing how hard it is to seek out and navigate rehearsal spaces in London, especially for artists on a very tight budget,  they set about compiling a near comprehensive list of rehearsal rooms in the city, along with their prices. It is fantastic, check it out HERE


UPDATE, 10/5/2022: Since this article was first published, some of the venues listed in their research have closed or changed their rates. While most are still available, do be aware that the research may be out of date.


If you’re comfortable using a more informal space, www.tutti.space features a range of rooms across London, mostly in people’s homes.


The National Opera Studio also has spaces for hire: www.nationaloperastudio.org.uk/Pages/Category/hire-our-spaces