Music Theatre NOW Competition

Friday, 09th March 2018

Do you have a piece of work you are really proud of, that you would like
to be seen by lots more people all round the world?


Then you should certainly enter the Music Theatre NOW Competition which runs each year.



Music Theatre NOW is an organisation dedicated to the worldwide exchange of new opera and musical theatre. Amongst other things it runs a competition. This has both judges and entries from all round the world, from China to Rwanda to Argentina, though so far little from the UK.  The prize, which is to present your work to a large and important group of international promoters, is really the best way to have your work booked and seen around the world. So get submitting your work, and show them the best of what we do here.


Music Theatre NOW say it is looking for  groundbreaking works from all forms of professional opera and music theatre. “The jury welcomes submissions that demonstrate dynamism textually, in genre, score, or staging. We welcome works made by opera and theatre institutions, works created by festivals, or works created by individuals: the jury will appreciate a broad range of submissions that demonstrate new developments and dynamism.”


All of the information about the competition can be found at