Opera Sector Collaboration

Friday, 05th July 2024

The opera sector, including Tête à Tête, is inviting proposals for an analysis of how opera companies might collaborate and communicate more effectively.

The opera organisations in the UK need help with an options analysis for how we might collaborate and communicate more effectively as a sector in future, including how we can engage effectively with key stakeholders, including the UK governments, the Arts Councils in England and Wales, Creative Scotland, local authorities and other funders and potential funders.

We want to work towards having the collective capability and capacity to maximise opportunities to grow and diversifying audiences and the performer and creative talent pool, sharing and learning from best practice, making the best use of our collective data, and ensuring that the many contributions the sector makes to the UK, economically and socially, are better recognised by key stakeholders.

The briefing document attached on the Royal Opera House’s webpage sets out the brief for this work – why it is needed, the parameters for the analysis, what we want to achieve, timescales and budget.


We are inviting you to make a proposal for taking on this analysis, including your price.   

Submissions must be made to Mark Heholt (Director of Policy and Strategic Funding) by 5pm on Friday 26 July 2024.

Please include in your submission, which should be no more than three pages long, your contact details, your credentials appropriate to this work, your proposal of work and your fee.