Tête à Tête Statement on NPO Announcement

Friday, 04th November 2022

We are all absolutely delighted by the news that, thanks to a significant investment 2023-2026, Tête à Tête remains an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation. This means the bulk of our funding, which covers our core operations as well as many projects, should be in place for a further three years.


This will support an ambitious plan to expand our existing work in both Cornwall and the North-East of England while at the same time continuing to curate and cherish Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival in London.


We reached many thousands of people in 2022; we produced three big productions of our own involving many fruitful partnerships, while mentoring and hosting many hundreds more artists to produce 29 new works in Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2022.


We look forward very much to knuckling down and proving yet again how new opera can make a great night out for anyone.  We congratulate our fellow continuing NPO organisations and those new to the portfolio while our hearts go out to those of our peers who have found out that they now have to reconsider all their plans.


We hope to work together, as ever, through many partnerships to continue building a resilient, creative and genuinely popular sector for new opera.


We would like to thank everyone at Arts Council England for what must have been a huge and difficult operation, and of course all the others who have supported Tête à Tête over the years in every way.


Bill Bankes-Jones, Artistic Director, Tête à Tête, 4th November 2022