This is a list of content advisories for Festival 2022 shows, in alphabetical order by title, provided by our artists. As a festival of new work ideas develop right up to performance but this gives you a sense:


1936: Fishing

Content Advisories: Passing anti-Semitic pro-Hitler reference, strongly countered; violent attempt to destroy a book


A Coffin, A Confession, and A Cautionary Tale

Content Advisories: Mental illness, seen on stage; sexual content mentioned in the text (of An Organist’s Confession), flashing lights.


Besse: Water, Rye and Hops

Content Advisories: Many deaths seen on stage. Performance held in a brewery. Connection between black death and COVID (not intended).


The Burning Question

Content Advisories: Satire on religion & dying; mild sexual references


The Crocodile of Old Kang Pow

Content Advisories: Strong language and sexual themes throughout, strobe lighting.


The Dong with a Luminous Nose

Content Advisories: None

Note: This show is a double bill with The Journey, which has content advisories for “an unnamed traumatic event, or series of traumatic events, that afflict the Man in our opera; however, the language is quite abstract”.


Film performance

Content Advisories: None


Fossils, Lies & Poison

Content Advisories: Strobe lighting.



Content Advisories: None


The Journey

Content Advisories: There is an unnamed traumatic event, or series of traumatic events, that afflict the Man in our opera; however, the language is quite abstract.

Note: This show is a double bill with The Dong with a Luminous Nose, which has no content advisories.



Content Advisories: None


Memoirs of an Amnesiac: The Life of Erik Satie

Content Advisories: None



Content Advisories: None


Module 471

Content Advisories: There will be death but it’ll be very slapstick!


Music and the Brain

Content Advisories: There is a non-graphic, fake, brain surgery in the show.


A New England

Content Advisories: None



Content Advisories: Death of a loved one, grief



Content Advisories: Death on stage


She Is My Pharaoh

Content Advisories: Content has scenes that involve violence, strobe lighting.


Sometimes I visualise myself back in the belly of my mother

Content Advisories: Loneliness


Summer Sounds: We Are The Monsters

Content Advisories: None


Toadette, the Frog Opera

Content Advisories: It is implied that Toadette kills herself, but it is not certain or ominous. She staggers offstage with a knife. The next time we see her, she is in heaven. Strobe lighting.


The Trilobite, Or The Fall Of Mr Williams

Content Advisories: Person falling off a cliff.


Until The Trans Lady Sings – The First Aria



Voices of the Sands

Content Advisories: Death by drowning


what the dog said to the harvest

Content Advisories: the nature of the libretto and some of the film content will contain challenging issues on climate, discrimination and human migration but nothing explicit or violent. The most graphic statement is in the poetry/libretto where we describe Rene Descartes ‘nailing his wife’s dog’ to a board, in reference to his use of vivisection and violation of nature.