Bill Bankes-Jones: A life and future in opera – Opera Magazine

Friday, 30th June 2017


‘What I try to do,’ says Bankes-Jones, ‘is to keep looking around the corner to see what’s coming next, what’s needed most, the thing that hasn’t happened yet’


As part of our 2017 20th Anniversary celebrations Artistic Director Bill Bankes-Jones spoke to Henrietta Bredin at Opera Magazine about his life in opera and what the future may look like. Published as Arts Council England announced its National Portfolio 2018 – 2022, we’re absolutely delighted with the vote of confidence in our work that is represented in the renewal of our National Portfolio Organisation funding, and look forward to another four years pioneering possible futures for opera.


Bankes-Jones isn’t standing still and neither is the company that first spread its wings as a flying fox 20 years ago.


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