Creative Resource Round-Up

Wednesday, 15th April 2020


The internet has been filling with different resources for creatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have rounded up some of those we think will be of use to our artists:


1. Arts Council Digital Culture Network


The Arts Council has been boosting digital culture over the past years. Whether you’re an experienced veteran of cyberspace or just dipping your toe in, they have some great resources.


2. Sound and Music’s guide to Zoom for composers


There are loads of guides to Zoom out there. Sound and Music has been running some webinars focused on composers’ needs. They’re free and you can sign up – at the time of writing.


3. Dissolve Theatre’s guide to OBS/Twitch for theatrical streamers


OBS is a streaming platform that can be used with Twitch and YouTube. Chloe Mashiter of Adventurers Wanted has been combining live theatre, games, and streaming for years, and made this video as a basic introductory guide.


4. Arts Marketing Association Webinars


Anna and Leo were AMA Fellows in Winter 19/Spring 20 and have experienced first hand a number of their support tools and webinars around marketing and management.  A lot of them are now available for free.


5. Covid Creatives Toolkit


There are lots of round-ups of different tools for artists, not just us. This open-source comprehensive list is a good place to start. It also includes some interesting online radical and counter-cultural spaces. If you’re looking for a more money-focused list, Action for Children’s Arts has made this round-up of funding resources.